The Process

Step 1: Planning & Creative Concepts

At Clear Vision we realize formulating an idea into a production isn’t that easy…so we work with you and your team to establish the purpose of the video and your message. We suggest that all stories can be told in a short amount of time 90 seconds for a web video, 2-3 minutes for a marketing or branding video. There are exceptions to this rule, for instance, Training videos require more time usually to explain the process. Overall, most stories can be told in a short amount of time with expert editing and pre-planning. Audiences today are looking for instant gratification and we will deliver your message clearly and quickly.

Step 2: Scripting

A Script or a Treatment is essential for moving the production forward seamlessly. Clear Vision will work with you to create a script or storyboard to work from.

Often we use Narrative pieces to tell a story, these are soundbites from interviews pieced together to deliver the message. Often we use a mix of soundbites and voiceover to finalize a production.

Step 3: Shooting

Here is where the script comes to life, the Clear Vision crew will use their magic to shoot the footage or interviews to bring your vision alive. We have full studio set-ups like Green Screen backdrops or whatever is needed to go to your location of choice. We use the right equipment for your project utilizing the latest technology on the market.

Step 4: Editing

A good video is realized in the editing process. The Producer, Editor, Writer will work together to bring the original vision to life by blending the footage, interviews or on-camera talent with graphics and music. Clear Vision then uploads the edited piece for your team to review and suggest changes. We implement the changes and return it again for final review.