Video is a must for your website!

Now is the time to think about adding video to your website. The search engines are proving it and the statistics are compelling.  A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research – and this explains in part why online video is growing at such a pace; video is powerful. Online video is the most effective way to tell your story or reach your audience. Youtube has 8oo million unique visitors each month and 72 hours of video are uploaded per minute. If you’re not using this medium you are not harnessing a valuable tool. Video makes you more relevant with the search engines, especially Google. Google owns Youtube and there are three components to making the video work for your website. Benjamin Spiegal from ClickZ writes: “In order to optimize for Google Search and achieve strong ranking on, consider a triple play – host your video on your website, on YouTube, and embed the YouTube video on your brand’s website as well.”

Video is used for training, commercials, infomercials, internal communications and trade shows to name a few.   Clearly video is powerful and using it to engage your customers is a priority. It is overwhelming keeping up with the latest trends for your website, however,  there is help out there. A good production company will help you achieve these goals affordably and effectively. My company  Clear Vision Video is a leading Boston video production company . We are on the forefront of bringing video to the web quickly and affordably. Statistics show that consumers react to video on the web. Three out of five consumers will watch up to two minutes of a product video and up to 174% of shoppers who view a video are more likely to purchase than those who did not.

Video can increase the time spent on your website because people will watch a video. Video on your website will improve your Google rank, turn visitors into customers and increase sales from your marketing investment. Videos should represent who you are or what your business is about. They should be short but targeted. Creative ideas which reach outside the norm are really effective and often attention grabbers. Online video does not make sense for all businesses. If having an online presence is important to your business and driving traffic and sales is important, video is a must.

Here is a short video for a Brewing Company website…