Tips and Tricks for Planning Your First Business Video

Business videos are an effective marketing tool that can offer an engaging way to make a lasting impression on your target audience. If this is your first business video, then you may be concerned about how to make your video appear professional while still being interesting enough to get results. Here, are the top tips and tricks that professionals use for planning effective business videos that will get your company noticed.

Start with a Goal

Begin by defining your purpose for creating your video that can serve as an outline for the rest of your project. As you define your goal, consider how the information will best be presented. Can your main idea be conveyed in approximately five minutes or less? If not, then you may need to do a series of videos that cover subtopics.

Break it Down Into Steps

Once you have your main idea in mind, you will need to break it down into steps. For your first video, focus on five ideas that can each be explained in one minute each. Then, consider what visual aids will work best for the video. If you will be using props, prepare them ahead of time so that they can be included in the script.

Use the Steps to Make a Script

For the best results, you want your video to come across as conversational. However, your presenter will still need a script to follow. According to Small Business Computing, it takes approximately 600 words for five minutes of video time. Plan accordingly, but leave some space for ad-libbing if it helps keep the video engaging.

Rehearse and Record

Even if you or the talent is comfortable with the material, rehearsing will still result in a better video. Once you have rehearsed, do a first recording to get an idea of how it all comes together on tape. Then, make adjustments to the lighting, sound and other elements until your final video is perfect.

A well-made video can be a powerful tool for marketing your business. Although it may take some practice, making a quality video will make a difference in your company’s success. By taking the time to plan your video’s content and rehearsing it to perfection, your first business video will effectively generate interest in your business.