When Content is More than Words: The Power of Video SEO

The Power of Video SEO

At this stage in the development of the internet, there’s no shortage of information and content online. As a content creator this means is that even if your content is first rate, you’re still competing against countless others who likely share similar quality content. This is one of the reasons that the type of media your content is presented in is so important.

Large Audience for Video Content

With the current generation of TV fanatics and internet lovers it should come as no surprise to learn that video content surpasses text or picture content in virtually any metric that one cares to measure. If you have a message you want to get across to your audience, video can guarantee that on average a visitor will watch at least a portion of your content. In addition, large numbers of people access video sharing channels like every day. In fact, more than 1 billion unique visitors visit YouTube each month. While not all of these users are viewing SEO content, there is certainly a large (and ever growing) audience for video marketing.

Increasing the Potential to Be Shared

If getting your message across to your audience is half the battle, the other half must be getting your content in the hands of as many people as possible. Once again video holds a stranglehold over text and picture media due to its incredible potential to be shared. Articles will get forwarded in e-mails, pictures will get shared on Facebook, but only video content truly has the power to “go viral” and defy all reasonable expectations for success. However, this doesn’t mean crossing your fingers and hoping you make it big; because videos are one of the most shared (and consequently some of the most visited) content, you can expect a much sharper ROI on video content than on any other type of SEO. That’s not all. Aside from getting your message heard, video is a particularly potent form of SEO content because of how Google heavily weighs video content within its SEO algorithms. Video SEO also allows you to corner otherwise heavily saturated keyword niches by incorporating one extra keyword that will set your results apart from the rest: “video.” Video SEO may not help your website spring up to the first page of Google overnight, but a few high-quality video backlinks that get serious clout from being disproportionately well-ranked can go a long ways towards whatever SEO goals you’ve set for yourself.