Small Businesses and Fortune 500 Companies Alike Can Benefit from Video SEO

Benefit from Video SEO

One thing virtually all businesses have in common is their need to be known. As anyone with a blog already knows, outreach into the virtual market requires producing engaging content to produce traffic and awareness for your brand. Whether you’re in a Fortune 500 company or a small internet startup, powerful SEO content is the fuel that keeps your website alive and active.

Web Video Goes Viral

Odds are you already know the importance of SEO—but what you may not know is just how disproportionately important video SEO is in the grand scheme of SEO content. Video SEO is, in its own way, the most potent form of viral marketing online. Great articles will get shared and funny images will get liked, but videos draw the largest viral audiences hands down.

Gain Traffic & Backlinks

Another aspect of video SEO that should be very appealing to any business is that video content allows you to corner reasonably broad search terms, allowing you to control several of the top video searches for Google and YouTube. Forbes recommends setting up a YouTube channel, as this may allow your videos to be listed in Google’s blended search results—something that can result in more traffic. This can help your site form some powerful (and numerous) backlinks extraordinarily quickly. While text and picture media are staples for virtually any website, video’s affinity to get rampantly shared makes it a more formidable ally than text alone.

As an entity with a website, your SEO priority is to build link profiles and generate content sharing, and video SEO can help you do just that. As a business with a bottom line, no matter what your budget looks like, it’s both possible and important to make use of viral tendencies online.