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Clear Vision Video is a creative and established boutique company offering professional video production services in New England and Boston. When we create our videos, we tell your story most creatively and compellingly to inspire your audience.

What sets our video production company apart from other competitors is our team of talented media professionals. They work with clients carefully to produce the best product at a great price. Whether you need a multi-faceted training module or a short corporate video, you can rely on our team to meet — and even exceed — your production needs at every level.

Here are the videos we produce for our clients:

Web Videos 

We make online videos that clients use on their website or social media page. Our media crew comes up with a product that’s relevant, compelling, and effective in establishing trust with visitors.

We make web videos that help you stand out from the clutter and noise on the web and stay ahead of your competitors. You may utilize the media we produce as an important inbound marketing tool. They can turn your website into a fun and interactive alternative to the typical text-based site. By incorporating multimedia (particularly videos) on your site, you convey your message on multiple levels using text, music, spoken word, and visual imagery.

When we work on your video, expect us to deliver a high-quality product. We have the resources and talent to entertain, persuade, educate, and inspire your target audience.

Need proof? Visit our portfolio page and watch how we get the message of our clients across in the best possible way.

Corporate Videos

Video is an effective online marketing tool available to companies. High-quality corporate videos offer a multitude of benefits to businesses, including increased conversions, higher amounts of traffic to a website, and better search rankings. Our team has the talent and resources to produce excellent videos that draw and convert new customers for your business.

We understand that a company has unique needs. Before we start production, we first take the time to learn about your business. We ask questions about your company, audience, objectives, and expectations. We then take the data we’ve gathered and show you concepts that we think align with your goals. Once we have your approval, we get to work and deliver the final product to you on time and within budget. Whether you want an external piece, such as a company promotional video, or an internal one, like an employee training module, our production specialists will give you what you need.

​Bran​​​​ding Videos

A branded video is an effective way to advance a specific message while keeping your organization or business in the background. This short, engaging, and authentic video should target your core audience.

Unlike conventional advertisements, branded videos do not sell anything. Most of the content, in fact, does not mention the brand at all. Instead, the material helps humanize your company by strengthening your brand voice and connecting to viewers emotionally.

If people are generally aware of your organization and you have a strong core customer base, a branded video may be ideal for your situation. When we work on producing your video, we come up with a compelling, original, and exciting campaign that will make the world stop and take notice. Our team of skilled media professionals will work with you to create a powerful concept and transform it into a campaign that effectively delivers your message to your target audience.

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