Prayer Canvas for Boston

2014-04-14 10.32.25We are honored to be shooting the Prayer Canvas 4 Boston, created by a group of women in Florida in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Their grass root effort has brought people together and used art as a tool for healing. They are here with all the canvases created across the country with messages of hope and healing for Boston. They are working with the city of Boston to display the canvases at key events this week leading up to the 2014 Marathon.  We are creating a video that will document these events in Boston culminating with the unveiling of many of the canvases with survivors at the Boston Red Sox game this weekend. Here are some stills from the first event at Boston Medical Center where medical staff and survivors got to view the canvases for the first time. One nurse told me it felt like a big hug as we all struggle with our emotions this week leading up to the Marathon. The other photos are from the Boston Commons where the group of organizers and volunteers struggled to get the canvases staked against the wind and cold.


2014-04-14 10.12.57
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