Online Video Is Key to Being Found…


We all know video is important for your web presence but never before has it been so key to success.  By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video on demand traffic alone will almost triple.

The big guys have figured this out quite well…Microsoft, ATT, Olay…it’s the small businesses that need to jump on the band -wagon or get left in the dust.

The task seems overwhelming for most small businesses but it really doesn’t have to be. Creating a short brand video can boost your image and your marketing efforts. Content creation for the web is clearly the headline of 2014.  Clear Vision Video has been helping craft image pieces for companies in all mediums for over 20 years. Our talented team can take your ideas from content to creation for an effective web video.

Neilsen Group found that 70% of brand marketers will increase their use of Social Media.  Networks like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin offer platforms for companies to get their core message out and get strong results.  Video has proven to be the strongest way to get your message across.

 According to Regalix Research company 77% of marketers claimed that their customers prefer visually rich marketing material over static/text-based material.

As evidenced by this video we recently produced for a small private school in Massachusetts. The video helps the prospective parents understand in a more engaging way what the experience at GUS is all about. This is true of any business or service, through narrative and visually rich shots we can tell your story.

So don’t get left behind…producing a good video for your website is surprisingly more affordable than in days past and never before has it been more essential.