Who we are

​ Introducing Our Media Communication and Marketing Experts

Clear Vision has been serving the Corporate and Broadcast market for over 20 years.

Our experienced crews will work with you to create the best product at the best price. Whether it’s a two minute web video or a multi-faceted training module, our talented media professionals will do more than meet your production needs. We will exceed them.
Through our years in the Media Communications business, we have formed a range of the finest talent available in the industry. This enables us to offer limitless creative options to our clients to meet their production needs at every level. We have built strong relationships with our clients over the years and our success is measured by those relationships.

Midge Galligan Executive Producer/Founder Clear Vision Video

Midge has taken her background in Broadcast Television and molded it into a top notch Production company that works with clients from assorted industries to produce creative, compelling pieces. For over 20 years we have been satisfying our clients with state of the art products that meet or exceed their expectations. Growing with the ever changing landscape of delivering media, we have stayed ahead of the trends. Midge is an award winning producer with a team of talented professionals ready to bring your video visions to life.

Noah Brookoff

Noah is a visual storyteller involved in the teleproduction industry as a Director of Photography (DP), engineer, editor, director, producer and consultant since 1980. His background includes production for Broadcast news, documentary, sports, commercial, entertainment, educational and corporate television. He is a perfectionist behind the camera and always finds a way to achieve the shot for the client. Noah can also figure out any technical dilemma and solve it masterfully.

Julian Haas Rodier

​Julian Haas Rodier is a cinematographer, director, editor, and sound designer. He will lead the cinematic and technical aspects of the production. Julian will put all his talent and know how to work on your project. His passion for beauty, art, food, wine, nature and the compelling stories of people and places is at the heart of his filmmaking.

Paul Gould

For over the three decades Paul has been capturing compelling images and finding the perfect way to tell your story. Having shot thousands of hours of media for commercials, industrial, corporate, and fundraising videos, as well as stock footage, he brings an experienced eye and a clear perspective to every video.

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