DIY Video Editing: Professional Videos on a Budget

video editingLearning how to edit videos yourself is important for staying within a budget while still expressing your creativity. Although it may seem challenging at first glance, even beginners can quickly produce professionally edited videos once they learn a few tricks. If you are just beginning to explore the possibilities offered by video editing software applications, then here are a few things to consider when editing your videos.

Remove Long Pauses

When watching a video, long pauses or gaps between the action can distract your viewer. If they are very long, some people will quit viewing your video completely. Long pauses at the beginning and end of your video are the easiest ones to correct and can often be done by using the editing software available when uploading. If you must cut into the center of your footage, then be careful to add smooth transitions that will maintain continuity.

Apply Color Correction

Correcting the color in your video is done using filters specially designed for this purpose. According to Lifehacker, basic color correction can be achieved by simply adjusting the colors on the wheel until they convey the feeling that you prefer. To create warmth, move the dial closer to yellow. For night scenes and a sense of mystery, choose cooler colors such as blue and purple. Generally, this portion of your editing can be done by following your instincts. If something does not look right, then adjust it until it fits your vision for the overall tone of the video.

Add Special Effects

Transitions, text and sounds are just a few of the special effects you can include when editing your video. When including transitions between scenes, be sure to add them first since they contribute to the overall length of your video. Then, use your editing software to add text, such as for titles and subtitles, along with any special sound effects that can make your video shine.

Creating a polished video is essential for attracting viewers while showing off your skills. By experimenting with a few special effects, you can begin to turn out professionally edited videos with only a little practice. Once you are comfortable, you can then begin to learn advanced editing techniques that will increase the professionalism of each one of your new videos.