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  • Prayer Canvas for Boston

    We are honored to be shooting the Prayer Canvas 4 Boston, created by a group of women in Florida in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Their grass root effort has brought people together and used art as a tool for healing. They are …

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  • Online Video Is Key to Being Found…

    We all know video is important for your web presence but never before has it been so key to success.  By 2017, video will account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic, according to Cisco. Video on demand traffic alone will almost triple. The big …

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  • Green Screen Set Up

    How Green Screens Work

    Anyone who has ever watched the weatherman on television has seen green screens in action; however, most people have no idea how they work or how effective they can be for making a quality video that captures an audience’s interest. Although the results of green …

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  • Man Making A Video

    A New Way to Fundraising? Try Making a Video!

    Videos are an effective fundraising tool that can be used to spread the word about an organization’s mission while building a connection with those who will offer their support. In today’s increasingly technological world, a video can rapidly go viral and instantly put an organization …

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  • Business Video

    Tips and Tricks for Planning Your First Business Video

    Business videos are an effective marketing tool that can offer an engaging way to make a lasting impression on your target audience. If this is your first business video, then you may be concerned about how to make your video appear professional while still being …

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  • 200315623 001

    DIY Video Editing: Professional Videos on a Budget

    Learning how to edit videos yourself is important for staying within a budget while still expressing your creativity. Although it may seem challenging at first glance, even beginners can quickly produce professionally edited videos once they learn a few tricks. If you are just beginning …

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  • 166109437

    3 Steps to Create Your First Video Blog

    In today’s increasingly connected world, more people are turning to video blogs to promote their business, spread new information or even just as an enjoyable hobby. Whether you are hoping to recruit a following of thousands or just want to find a new way to …

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  • Options for Sharing and Distributing Video Content to Your Audience

    Sharing and Distributing Video Content So you’ve got your web video ready to go and you’re looking to get a piece of the viral marketing pie, but what now? There’s virtually no limit to the number of places that you could share and distribute your …

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  • When Content is More than Words: The Power of Video SEO

    The Power of Video SEO At this stage in the development of the internet, there’s no shortage of information and content online. As a content creator this means is that even if your content is first rate, you’re still competing against countless others who likely …

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  • When to Choose a Professional Production Company Versus DIY

    Professional Production Company Versus DIY Once you’ve figured out all video content can do for your site, the next step is naturally to try and create as much quality video content as you possibly can. This leaves you with an important choice between a do-it-yourself …

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