A New Way to Fundraising? Try Making a Video!

Videos Help A Lot In Fundraising

Videos Help A Lot In Fundraising

Videos are an effective fundraising tool that can be used to spread the word about an organization’s mission while building a connection with those who will offer their support. In today’s increasingly technological world, a video can rapidly go viral and instantly put an organization in touch with the right people to donate to the cause. For those who are interested in an innovative fundraising, here are the top tips for making a video that will captivate an audience and encourage them to get involved.

Define the Primary Focus

Generating an emotional reaction from the audience should be the primary purpose of the video because this is what will motivate them to donate to the cause. The type of emotion the organization is striving to evoke will then be used to guide the focus of the video. For example, those who are hoping to generate feelings of nostalgia or compassion can use a personal story that touches upon the goals of the organization. When doing so, be sure to stay on target by focusing on only one aspect of the organization in the video to avoid confusing and losing the audience.

Include a Call to Action

According to Fundraising Success Magazine, if the right combination of moving images, personal stories and appeals are used, then the audience will be inspired to act upon their emotional response by the end. Therefore, it is important to include a call to action that tells the audience exactly what they can do to show their support. Be sure to leave a phone number, link or email address that a person can use when making their donation.

Maximize Its Exposure

A video’s effectiveness is directly related to the amount of exposure it receives. Once a video has been created and reviewed, it is time to put it online and begin to spread the word using social media. Finally, be sure to track which outlets generate the most traffic for the video so its fundraising potential can be maximized.

Informing the public about an organization’s purpose, achievements and needs is the primary goal of any fundraising effort. For maximum impact, videos can be used to tell the personal stories of those affected by the organization’s mission while highlighting how a person can help. By making a quality video that represents the importance of the mission, an organization can inspire viewers to take action and make a charitable contribution.